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Welcome to Crayon Queen! Your home for the best deals and wholesale pricing on crayons available on the Internet.  The Queen will not be undersold!  "If there's a better value in all the land, I promise to beat it".    -   Queen Carol

Your source for discount bulk restaurant crayons

restaurant kids menus and restaurant coloring sheets too!


We stock and sell tens of millions of crayons each year to restaurants, sports bars, hospitals, churches and other business users.  We are the Internet's volume leader! 
FREE UPS Ground shipping and lowest price guarantee on all products to most US states (the lower 48).  Now shipping to Canada and the UK as well (just not for free).


1.) We check our competitor's prices regularly so that you don't have to.  We always make sure our deals are the best available.  We guarantee it!  Why pay more for wholesale crayons?
2.) Our crayons meet and exceed all safety and non-toxic guidelines as established by CPSC and ASTM.  Millions of healthy children can attest to our safety record!
3.) We ship out bulk crayons quickly and have a huge inventory (no backorders).  Yes these are cheap crayons, but you will be impressed with the quality of the Queen's crayons!
4.) No hidden shipping fees - we're upfront and honest about delivering the best deal on discount crayons to your door - that's our promise to you.

5.) We're accomodating of your needs and we truly appreciate your business!

We want your business to be as successful as possible, be it a restaurant, day care, church, classroom, tire change shop, medical office... any business.  If you have children coming in and you want to entertain them, we have just the thing for you.  Kids love crayons and coloring!  They won't konw you bought cheap crayons and placemats because we have a high quality standard.

By making kids want to come back to your place of business, you'll be encouraging the families to come back in as well.  Or by engaging the kids with fun activities, maybe you can have an easier time having a sales discussion with their parents.  For whatever reason, you've come to the right place.

We have the absolute lowest prices on wholesale restaurant crayons and place mats.  Use these in any type of business!  Our bulk crayons are not the really cheap crayons you find in a dollar store; instead these are commercial grade like you see used in thousands of restaurants already.  We can offer restaurant crayons at the lowest prices because of the volume purchasing arrangements that we leverage for you.  We have standard restaurant crayons and can do custom crayons in sufficient quantities.  We also can customize restaurant kids menus and coloring sheets.  Just ask the Queen for it!  Buying crayons in bulk for your business, church or classroom is smart business.  Restaurant kids menus and restaurant crayons have shown for years that they are effective for entertaining kids.  The Queen's crayons are just plain fun! 

Please browse our links to see how bulk crayons are made, what our customers say about us, frequently asked questions, and how to contact the Queen. 

The Crayon Queen Thanks You!




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11"x17" Coloring Sheet Placemats - FREE SHIPPING
NUTRITION THEME / Super-Fun placemats for coloring kee...

The Queen's Price: $25.95 / CasePack
You Save:$9.00 / CasePack
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Round Crayons in a 4-pack come 360 packs per case. Superb Q...

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11"x17" Coloring Sheet Placemats - FREE SHIPPING
NUTRITION THEME / Super-Fun placemats for coloring kee...

The Queen's Price: $25.95 / CasePack
You Save:$9.00 / CasePack
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