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Custom Crayon Packaging with 100 case committment
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SKU: 2R4B-Cust

Factory-Direct Custom Crayons for Multi-Units, Minimum 6 locations.

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Price: Call for Price

Qty per Casevaries, generally 360 or 720
Adult supervision requiredyes

Numerous chains have enhanced their family-friendly branding by using our best-in-class crayons with their own logo & design. We can do design work for you, or work with your artists. Pricing varies but generally makes sense for 6 location chains and larger. We also work with other suppliers if you are under contract. Contact Us to discuss a program for you.  Pieces shown are for illustration only and all rights remain reserved by the respective trademark owners.

Certificate of additionally insured is available at no extra charge to you for up to $4 million coverage.

Money Back Guaranteed for 10 days!

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